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Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 09:54 AM.

The Associated Press undertook an extensive investigation into those expenditures up and down the Gulf Coast and Williams and his girlfriend found themselves front and center in the whole charade.

So, now that the county is looking at seeing far less than promised, now that RESTORE has apparently gummed up the works, according to a host of reports, how exactly does the county hold anyone accountable for the tens of thousands of dollars paid with no results?

The Clerk of Courts is, at the request of Commissioner Joanna Bryan, assembling a total of BOCC travel over the past several years, a task so daunting Clerk Becky Norris said the work was ongoing two weeks after it started, but it would be fair to say it is going to exceed $80,000 with Williams alone.

The amount the EDA will receive from the county for one year.

And, as McLemore repeatedly stated before coming to the conclusion the county should hire Williams has a consultant on RESTORE, where is the meat and gravy from all that travel on public dime and extended absences from the district he represented?

If the BOCC is going to hold folks accountable, there is a good place to start because more and more RESTORE seems like a fine idea poorly executed and lacking vision, a roadblock being worked around by the parties involved in a negotiated settlement.

And Williams used that taxpayer-paid fuel for his own purposes, to promote himself into private service from alleged public service.

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