Shining light

Published: Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 09:41 AM.

The city is not stealing the lighthouse – the ocean is doing that. If nobody locally lifts a finger the grounds will be under water within a year or two, at most.

The application process for taking possession of the lighthouse may be, like so much of government, deeply flawed, but it is what it is, the process. The process has produced a decision.

It was stated by the BOCC that it would live with that decision. Maybe, maybe not.

There is no clarity on what the potential costs of moving the lighthouse could be and therefore a comparison between county-proposed Salinas Park and city-proposed BayFront Park, a new creation, are moot, despite common sense that Salinas would be cheaper.

Until the process gets down to qualifications and specs on the job, until there is a certified quote and not guess work or an estimate, the exact cost is an unknown.

And, bluntly, neither city nor county can exactly afford to pull off the move on the backs of taxpayers, if pleas of poverty the last few years are to have credibility.

There is also the simple truth that there are compelling arguments on both sides of the equation for where the lighthouse should be relocated with passionate people providing those arguments.

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