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Published: Friday, November 9, 2012 at 11:30 AM.

Not that I came to that understanding and appreciation easily.

In speaking to Will Rambeaux, a Nashville songwriter, about the recent Blast on the Bay Songwriters’ Festival, we found common ground in our path to appreciation for those that wear the uniform.

Approximately of the same age and generation, our path to appreciation was likely similar.

What young boy didn’t covet ownership or the chance to play Army. I did without comprehending what war was beyond the television or movie screen, where everything about it was abstract, from the men rushing toward bullets to the deaths.

As a young adult came Vietnam, a war that tested the fabric of the nation and as a hormonal teenager, tested the measure for coolness in our high school.

I lived a few blocks from a college campus and in those days the military was a source of rage because men, such as one of my older brother’s best friends, were fighting and dying in a war seemingly without end.

That conflict seems abbreviated compared to Afghanistan.

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