Sustaining an idea

Published: Friday, November 9, 2012 at 11:30 AM.

And in time, life interceded and I found this spot on the map, returned to college, earned a degree and an internship that was the launching pad for a second career that has spanned two decades and pointed me, ultimately, to this place and time.

And slowly, as a dripping faucet fills a bucket, my appreciation filled me up.

I learned about the life of Clifford Sims and the sacrifices he made in those jungles I had seen on television and now watched on cable.

I met Capt. Dave Maddox, the late George Core and other county residents part of the Greatest Generation – they surely existed throughout my journey, but I did not notice or appreciate them – and who had fought in World War II.

I came to cover annual Veterans Day events in this county that bring chills and moisten eyes. Covered Semper Fi Sister Beach Blasts, Wounded Warrior Weekends, and the appreciation of why these men and women do what I did not came into focus.

Because the why is really pretty straightforward among those in uniform, who have sacrificed, who have lost limbs and buddies and too often carry unseen scars out of the fog of war.

The country called.

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