Taking the high road

Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 09:38 AM.

Given that the city is now advertising for a general contractor while trying to secure a financial rainmaker of sorts, well, the sands are quickly slipping away.

And while there are strong opponents of the move of the lighthouse, passionate folks with passionate arguments, the reality is the federal government made a decision and the county has to deal with it, pros and cons.

The relocation of the lighthouse seems monumental anyway for two taxing authorities pleading poverty most of the year, but if it is to be accomplished in six months all hands must be on deck.

The ability to raise funds to underwrite the relocation, be it at Salinas Park or the city of Port St. Joe, was always going to be more difficult if the feds’ decision cleaved a fissure between county and city.

If the lighthouse is to be preserved as an icon for the community, providing a significant revenue stream while enhancing the beauty and economy and legacy of the area, there is scant time for debate.

The decision, whether one believes it right or wrong, has been made. Now it is up to the community to make something of the lighthouse.

And the county can insist on being next in line and critics can argue, but a broader question is what will be the fallout, the reflection on the BOCC which said it would support the move, if city-county bickering renders the lighthouse either to the ocean or back to the feds, who could decide none of this is worth the hassle.

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