Thanksgiving wishes

Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 10:05 AM.

In some ways Thanksgiving 2012 seems not much different from the Pilgrims’ landing on a craggy slab of Massachusetts coastline long ago.

The Pilgrims of four centuries ago were facing a world of which they knew nothing – just as the current economic and geopolitical landscape seems a scary one with which many of us are not wholly familiar.

For the Pilgrims, most anything that could have gone wrong on their journey from religious intolerance to the New World did; Murphy’s Law applied exponentially.

Beyond the miles they had been willing to foray on foot from the sea and their ship, they knew nothing of this land they had come upon, nothing of what and who might be there. In fact, initially the thought never seemed to have crossed their minds that there would be anybody there.

The ground was not suitable for crops, at least not with the rudimentary tools they carried and their lack of knowledge of the soil. The viability of what they knew to grow back home in Europe was in question.

Game seemed scarce. The weather conditions atrocious even for hardy men and women of the English and Dutch stock they were.

They were literally in what to them must have seemed the Land of the Lost.

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