Thanksgiving wishes

Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 10:05 AM.

How that seems familiar to the environment of today, a different sort of rocky terrain.

An environment that save for those of a certain generation none of us have experienced, or at least not to the degree that is experienced in the 24/7 din of today.

Chronic unemployment that can not be captured in the monthly reports that do not capture those who for various reasons are not, can not or will not seek employment in a business climate buffeted by forces that seem – as with those Pilgrims – beyond our control.

Political fissions, religious fissions, the growing chasm between those who must worry about whether there will be food on the table that night and those who don’t – they all serve to divide, just as the harsh conditions came to divide at times the men and women of the Mayflower.

There is much to make us anxious. This will be a difficult Thanksgiving – hardly a holiday for far too many.

But the Pilgrims were taught a valuable lesson by the Native Americans – savages as they initially saw them – who inhabited those shores of the bay in which the Mayflower ultimately anchored for safe harbor.

For while these men and women weren’t big on modesty in what passed for their dress, and talked and behaved in ways foreign to the Pilgrims, they were also large of heart, human beings no matter the color.

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