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Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 09:22 AM.

The BOCC decided they would hold a workshop with stakeholders on the issue, but given that it took eight months to schedule the last joint workshop with the city of Port St. Joe, the primary EDC stakeholder after the county, nobody should be holding their breath.

The hiring of a former commissioner to lobby for the county is also an issue that should be noted on the agenda to allow the public to weigh in.

And these are just two examples of commissioners putting out an agenda that does not remotely reflect the issues and discussions that will take place.

That is deliberately misleading the public.

The city of Port St. Joe adopts a simple policy – they put just about every topic that could come up during a given week on the agenda and unless the topic is listed it is not discussed.

This should be no great leap for the BOCC. County administrative staff could receive input from department heads and commissioners, and in particular the chair who sets the tone, on the issues of county business that must or should come before the BOCC in a given week.

 That is the template commissioners then work from. The public can still offer input as desired, but unless it is county business – not a state attorney investigation or disgust with an exercise in free speech – they get their three minutes and off.

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