Timing is everything

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 09:40 PM.

But all those pros lack heft.

What another county does is beside the point. I believe parents are famous for the line “What if so-and-so was jumping off a cliff. Would you jump?”

Any savings should be minimal – key employees needed to be present at BOCC meetings should by and large be exempt, meaning salaried in some form and not subject to overtime. That’s a staffing issue.

And, regardless, the county is hardly the lone entity, private, public, non-profit, having to do more with less, so proper scheduling would resolve any problems concerning hours.

Considering operation, based on building size and hours of operation, dictates that maintaining utilities at a level similar to school buildings; that seems a minor expense.

What it would appear to be, and government and politics remain perception-borne, is another way for the BOCC to mute the public.

The BOCC, unfortunately, does not have history on its side.

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