• Thanks Dr. Barnes, staff

    I have greatly enjoyed the experience of working with Dr. Michael Barnes and his staff. READ MORE

  • To the inquiring mind

    If you are missing your pet, please contact us as quickly as possible. READ MORE

  • Credit where due

    Sometimes we fail to give law enforcement credit when they do a good job. READ MORE

  • Ditto on beach driving

    I could almost say “ditto” to the Letter to the Editor in the March 19 edition of The Star newspaper, only with a few differences. READ MORE

  • Meth trafficking

    As an inmate in the Florida Department of Corrections, I’ve had the opportunity to become acquaintged with the inner details of many types of criminal cases. READ MORE

  • Gazebo improvements

    I wish to congratulate the city of Port St. Joe for all of the beautification projects that have been completed. READ MORE

  • Inquiring minds

    Did you know that there is an ordinance that states that when an animal is picked up by Animal Control it is to be held at the Humane Society Shelter for five days during which that time the owner may come and claim it? READ MORE

  • Consider beach driving changes

    When we arrived back In Port St. Joe on January first, we had two large disappointments. READ MORE

  • Thanks for honesty

    To the man who found my ring at the Piggly Wiggly and returned it to customer service: thank you and may God bless you for your honesty and giving spirit. READ MORE

  • Service delivery

    Recently severe thunderstorms caused a telephone pole to fall across the road leading to my house at Beacon Hill. READ MORE

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