• Lack of leadership?

    As someone who has business, property, and touring interests in Florida. As well as many years of successful Economic, Community, and Chamber Development experience in several States including there. READ MORE

  • Travel trailer takeover

    I have been following recent discussions on the "Leave No Trace" ordinance for Gulf County with great interest. READ MORE

  • Erosion on the Cape

    An article in last week’s paper addressed the erosion situation on Cape San Blas. READ MORE

  • Debates, rules and common sense

    There are three candidates running for Governor that are getting public attention. READ MORE

  • School memories

    We all have memories of our years in school. READ MORE

  • Voting with the wind

    I have decided it is time to weigh in regarding our county government. READ MORE

  • Marijuana and tobacco

    In the last several weeks, I have read many letters concerning the marijuana referendum. READ MORE

  • Leave No Trace

    It was good to read in The Star that the "Leave No Trace" ordnance is being considered for the county. READ MORE

  • Opportunity Lost

    It does not pay to cry over spilled milk as they say but I think there is a messageto gain that speaks to why the milk was spilled and hopefully one can learn from it in order to prevent from spilling again. READ MORE

  • Chamber loses funding

    In the last several years, The Chamber has undergone reorganization and is now operating at a level that will make our business community proud. READ MORE

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