• A love of music

    Her love for music came at a very young age, around 5-years-old. READ MORE

  • Controlling the process

    If our politicians can agree on one thing, it’s that they should control the election process. READ MORE

  • Disappointed

    I recently sat down to watch the budget meetings being held by the county commission, and I was simply stunned by what appeared to be the complete lack of education held by our elected officials. READ MORE

  • Judge race not close

    In a couple of weeks, the voters of the 14th Judicial Circuit will be presented with an important decision concerning the issue of whether or not to re-elect Circuit Judge Jim Fensom to another six year term of office. To me, it’s not even close. READ MORE

  • Time to count costs

    The following comes from Proverbs 22:7 New International Version (NIV) READ MORE

  • Letter of appreciation

    Approximately two years ago, I rushed my beloved husband with crushing back pain and extremely high blood pressure to Sacred Heart Hospital in Port St. Joe. READ MORE

  • Leave no trace

    Thanks to Nancy Thomson for voicing her opinion in regards to protecting our beaches! READ MORE

  • Protecting the beaches

    Kudos to Nancy Thomson for her Letter to the Editor, "Protecting St. Joseph Peninsula." READ MORE

  • Thanks for the response

    I want to publicly express my appreciation to several individuals who responded so quickly and kindly to my concern when I heard of the swim advisory issued for the public access dock at Salinas Park due to a ruptured/damaged sewer line near the Marnie Island Preserve on Thursday, July 24. READ MORE

  • Clean up the beaches

    My wife and I have owned our home on beautiful Cape San Blas for over ten years, leaving for a few months during the summer. READ MORE

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