• Commission passes mistake off to citizens

    In the last County Commission meeting Administrator Don Butler recommended to the board to absorb cost for removing fill sand on a thirty acre site that was sold to the Gulf County Gun Cub. READ MORE

  • Improving the beach aesthetic

    As someone who has truly loved St. Joe Beach from a distance for 25 years, and who is now, at long last, a permanent resident, I've seen the slow degradation of our beach aesthetic due to the influx of visitors. READ MORE

  • Last penny city gets

    I just returned from paying $50 for my annual boat launch permit. While at city hall I found out that the permit will expire on Dec. 31. READ MORE

  • Aging not for wimps

    After reading the book titled “Getting Old Ain’t for Wimps” I agreed that the writer was sure right. READ MORE

  • A master of spin

    The Violence Against Women Act is an extremely successful program that has reduced incidents of domestic violence by more than half since it was first implemented. READ MORE

  • Gas tax not best interest

    My keyboard has been silent for a while but today I must speak out regarding the planned five cent per gallon fuel tax for Gulf County. READ MORE

  • A love of music

    Her love for music came at a very young age, around 5-years-old. READ MORE

  • Controlling the process

    If our politicians can agree on one thing, it’s that they should control the election process. READ MORE

  • Disappointed

    I recently sat down to watch the budget meetings being held by the county commission, and I was simply stunned by what appeared to be the complete lack of education held by our elected officials. READ MORE

  • Judge race not close

    In a couple of weeks, the voters of the 14th Judicial Circuit will be presented with an important decision concerning the issue of whether or not to re-elect Circuit Judge Jim Fensom to another six year term of office. To me, it’s not even close. READ MORE

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