A love of music

Published: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 09:14 AM.

Her love for music came at a very young age, around 5-years-old.

Her dad was also a great music lover and showed much pride for his young daughter with her ability to sing and called on her to come out on the front porch and sing when he had company, so without hesitation she went out and sang with great joy.

Her dad played the harmonica and tried to teach her to play it, but she finally had to teach herself to play and with much joy she played the harmonica as she walked her special little dog, Trampur, down the street.

Then, when she grew older, she was asked to sing in the church choir, which gave her much joy.

She was then asked to sing a special song and she did without hesitation and she was complimented on her singing at the end of the services. A young man told her he could tell she enjoyed singing because of the smile on her face.

Then, she had a bad fall on her face which the doctors could not fix, so she herself decided to stop singing in the choir. But her love for music continued and her sons gave her a musical instrument that had different music involved in it, so she learned to play it by ear in her senior years.

Audrey Parrish

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