A modest proposal for bringing jobs to Gulf County

Published: Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 10:03 AM.

Dear Editor,

Where do we begin...

Leonard Costin reportedly commented the other day that residents wanted companies like the St. Joe Paper Mill to come to the Port of Port St. Joe and Gulf County. That seems to be the consensus of the GOBs and other established residents. That is what Barry Sellers eventually concluded. Tam Smiley said, "Uncle Joe is not coming back." However, that may not be true.

When you look at history, and the current employment market, you discover that Gulf County has the same quality workforce that it did when the St. Joe Paper Mill was operating in 1994. Today, almost 20 percent of the non-tech-driven manufacturing companies in the U.S. are looking for a circa 1994 low-wage, low-skilled, industrial workforce. This could be a way around Gulf County's portended bankruptcy in 2014.

How to we proceed...

Gulf County workforce's unique properties can be presented to employers across the U.S. who are being regulated-out of their home communities and are desperate for near-term relocation options. Yesterday's media is Gulf County's communication link of choice -- newspapers.

Placing ads in the appropriate business sections of top MSA newspapers for three consecutive Sundays, followed by three every other Sunday, should generate enough relocation prospects to provide immediate relocations and jobs without disturbing the Gulf County community's socio-economic status-quo. The best choices to introduce Gulf County to large numbers of relocation prospects are: The Sunday New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Boston Globe.

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