A word to BP: A deal is a deal

Published: Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 09:01 AM.

Dear Editor,

While cruising through the latest public filings regarding the lawsuit filed against the county over a property variance in Beacon Hill I was surprised to find some responses that did not make one lick of sense.

The first one was the initial response to the suit where the county is supposed to answer simple questions about why they made the decision they did. Instead, no answers were given and in fact they defaulted in responding except to question administrative procedures set by the State of Florida.

The latest one now asks the court to “Protect” the Commissioners from answering questions. So you have to ask yourself, what are they afraid of? If the decisions they made were legal and proper, there should be nothing to fear.

This dance by the $180,000 plus a year county attorney Novak seems to indicate that something is rotten in the woodpile and they are going to prolong, avoid and pull every trick possible to avoid the truth and what really happened. Did you know that a member of the US House of Representatives receives $ 174,000 a year which is less than what our County Commissioners pay Novak? What’s with that?

The sad part is that we as tax payers are footing this cost and should demand that our elected do the right thing and answer the questions and not hide in a dark corner like a coward.

Jim Garth

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