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Published: Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 09:16 AM.

Dear Editor,

American schooling started teaching STEM shortly after Sputnik, 1957. Fifty years of FAILURE should be enough.

American schooling is designed to deal with a static, slow-moving, history-repeats-itself world. In today's dynamic world, the static facts, formulas and protocols of academic STEM are totally useless. STEM does not connect to the root cause of the lack-of-jobs-with-a-future in America. STEM is not Science. STEM is information "about" Science.

The dynamic worlds of Hi-tech and Tech-sTem are driven by recognizing, respecting and applying scientific "Principles". The process is called Creative Thinking. Two Caveats: 1) Memorizing those Principles as isolated knowledge is of no value. 2) All you need to know is -- What is the least you need to know to make a Principle useful in the world you live in.

A boy light-line fishing from a pier, and catching fish, will confront and resolve more calculus problems in an hour than he might encounter in a year of Calculus classes. Light-line fishing is an exercise in Creative Thinking.

There are three basic types of learning/thinking in the USA today. Only one creates jobs-with-a-future:

1) American schooling's "rote and regurgitation" enforced by "conform and comply or good-by" (= Dolts & Drones).

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