Companies relocating to Florida

Published: Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 09:16 AM.

The failure of U.S. Schooling to recognize, respect and accommodate Creative Thinking is destroying American jobs. Today's Hi-tech world of Technology is driven by the Creative Thinking capabilities of U.S. high-school and college DROPOUTS and foreign nationals on H1B Visas. Over 60 percent of the invention patents filed in the USA during the last 10 years have had a foreign national's name on them. When the H1B Visas go home, the U.S. will become a "servant" economy much like Florida is today.

Florida's minimum wage workforce testifies to the fact that Florida's K-16 schooling does not produce graduates, at any level, who are capable of Creative Thinking. The only way to introduce Creative Thinking into Florida's schools is by incorporating sTemPREP Special Units. Install sTemPREP Special Units in local K-12 schools and companies will come and jobs will follow. Why?

sTemPREP Special Units graduate Tech-trainable employees. Tech-sTem-driven companies are relocating and hiring. Will a Tech-sTem-driven company relocate to your community? Is your community a Magnet Community? That's a Home Rule decision.

Creative Thinking must drive the top 40 percent of the American workforce in the 21st Century or America is done.

John M. Comer, iTT-84

Scholastic Engineer

Magnet Communities

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