County should not assume economic development

Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 08:58 AM.

Dear Editor,

There is absolutely no one employed or elected in Gulf Countygovernment that has the qualifications to oversee the Economic Development function. This is just the latest failed chapter in the county government’s tortuous interference and attempt to hijack prospects to be steered to their Special Interest supporters as they have been doing for years. How has the county government created any real economic development?  The good news is, if you bow down to the Special Interest they might throw you a bone after they have picked the prospect clean assuming they did not scare them off as I have personally witnessed in the past.

Here is how it works; 1.The county receives a general inquiry from a business prospect who might want to establish their business here in Gulf County.

2. This inquiry is diverted to the Special Interest with an endorsement by the County explaining that using them will insure quick approval of plats, permits and development to including construction.

Hard to ignore that endorsement unless they really know what is going on.

Companies and individuals that do this are referred to as “Bottom Feeders” or “Parasites” and they typically are popular among unsuspectingcitizens because they donate to local fund raisers and even offer helpwith various community projects from time to time in order to bolster their public perception. These individuals and companies can afford to give some crumbs out from time to time to make them look good because they have tons of bread they absconded from the public government – in other words, from you the taxpayers of Gulf County.

Who are these people?

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