Gas tax not best interest

Published: Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 11:41 AM.

Dear Editor,


My keyboard has been silent for a while but today I must speak out regarding the planned five cent per gallon fuel tax for Gulf County.  I have listened to the arguments in favor of the tax but cannot understand how this gas tax increase is in the best interest of the low income and fixed income residents of the county. 


The projected revenue stream from this gas tax is about $120,000.  I do not believe this amount will be collected as residents who have the ability to purchase their gas outside Gulf County will do so.  Gasoline in Gulf County is already higher than Bay County by .17 to .25 per gallon.  Proponents of the tax say it is “only a nickel per gallon”.  I say it’s a nickel on top of $3.45 that the low and fixed income residents of Gulf County should not be asked to pay.


According to information obtained from the U. S. Census Bureau the latest available numbers lists the per capita income for Gulf County at $17,975.  The median household income for Gulf County is $39,535 – meaning half the households in Gulf County have an income of less than $39,535 and the other half of Gulf County households have an income more than $39, 535.  Also, according to the census information, 18.8 percent of Gulf County residents live below the poverty level.  Veterans comprise approximately 10% of our population and residents over 65 are 17.4 percent.  Times are difficult for many in Gulf County. 

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