Hard day at the Cape

Published: Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 12:05 PM.

Dear Editor,

Tuesday, July 14, was a hard day for us here on the Cape to watch the desecration of history and have to navigate and try to do business with closed roads.  The Cape San Blas Lighthouse is NO longer located on the Cape that is for sure.

Just as the Cape San Blas Lighthouse rolled by Salinas Park and before she turned off the Cape the lightning roared and thunder crashed.  It was almost like the Good Lord was giving us a clue that He wasn’t pleased that His Lady, who had watching over His Gulf, was being stolen from His Cape.  That is the Only positive I can tell you happened that day.  Perhaps Mayor Mel might want to stay indoors during the thunder storms for a while.

Jim Anderson, the City Manager, had made a comment earlier that he “realized it would be a minor inconvenience for the day of the move for some people”. 

If he bothers to check, he will find out there was nothing minor about it.  All South Gulf County businesses lost considerable revenue during the busy season with little to no notice by the City of when the move was going to occur.  All South Gulf County residents had major scheduling and routing problems throughout the day.  Construction on homes came to a standstill on the Cape so all the workers who couldn’t get to their work sites lost a day’s wages.  More than inconvenient!

Thanks goes out to the County for picking up the pieces that the City wouldn’t do. 

The Sheriff Department had officers out trying to help with traffic, the County EMS located an ambulance at County expense out at the Cape in case of emergencies, and the South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department spent the day strategically locating their rescue and fire vehicles in case of an emergency.  TDC tried to keep travel advisories up to help out.  We county tax payers paid for all these expenses for the day, so much for “no tax payer dollars being used for the move.”

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