Improving Gulf County

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 11:28 AM.

Keep a close eye on this business and their operations.  Just because they are from the Panhandle doesn't mean they have the interests of Port St. Joe at heart.  Just like any other large corporation, it is the almighty dollar that they are looking at and it will become a job in itself to keep them honest.  Hire from this community instead of bringing in laborers from anywhere else, including Panama City.  This town needs the jobs, not the business.  Support us and our town if you want our support for your business profits.

Others are looking outside the area for help.  Some hope that changes on the Federal level will bring about an economic change here.  Growing up here, I have never seen any large change from the presidency of the country that made a difference in this community.  Sure laws change.  Taxes go up, costs go up, but the federal government has made no change that has influenced economic growth in my home.  This town doesn't need anything from the outside world.  Obamacare or Romney's economic recovery plans won't mean anything for this town if the people of this town lose faith in the community.  This town only needs for the locally-owned, locally-ran businesses and business owners to band together and focus on making a change.  Instead of a new truck for the business, why not use the current fleet for another year and invest in a community project?  Use the power you possess as community leaders to influence the tides of the town.  Force out the businesses that hire illegal workers over local townsfolk for financial gain.  Grow this town and bring back the vibrancy that it once held.   Leave a legacy for Gulf County.

The town lives on.  Always will.  As a people, we are resilient and giving up is not something we do.  We may struggle, but we move on to other means of income and survival.  We do what we must to make ends meet.  That drive coupled together with our ability to love and take care of one another is what keeps our community alive.  That is the Gulf County that I grew up in. 

Robert Dykes

Port St. Joe

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