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Published: Friday, November 30, 2012 at 10:04 AM.

Dear Editor,

Regarding "FCAT Excellence" in last week’s The Star, if truth-in-advertising were applied to public school PR, Jim Norton would be guilty of deceptive practices. As it is, I suspect his nose just got longer.

The 5 percent of the students in GCSD who scored Level 5 are to be commended. That is certainly better news than GCSD's Annual Report that stated that 87 percent of 10th graders could not read well enough to graduate.

However, to put their accomplishment into perspective, you have to remember the FDOE's preview of FCAT-2.0 test scores last February caused the FDOE to go into panic mode. The early review indicated that the FCAT scores had dropped so low that Florida might lose its "No Child Left Behind" funding. A month later the FDOE announced that the FCAT-2.0 scores had really gone up.

Nothing that comes from Tallahassee seems to be connected to the real world.

By the time the State of Florida got the vote counted in the National election -- the contest was over, the winner had been declared, and everyone had gone home. The Governor's Party lost the State.

Yes, GCSD is an 'A' rated school district. How does an 'A' rating in Florida rank in the real world? Florida is ranked at the bottom of the 50 States by ACT in preparing students for college, along with Louisiana, Mississippi, and Washington DC. Please note: 60 percent plus of GCSD's high achievers are girls.

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