Letter a travesty

Published: Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 09:22 AM.

Dear Editor,

It is with a sense of increasing disgust that I write to you today.  I've just finished writing yet another disgraceful article from Loren Siprell, this latest travesty titled "On the Subject Of... Arrest Logs."

This article is poorly written, lacks focus and direction, makes excuses for his own personal poor online behavior, and sidetracks off its chosen topic of whether arrest logs are pertinent, to sermonizing on the legality of prostitution.  Mr. Siprell would have us follow the example of Europe, apparently forgetting that we shrugged off the European model of government over two centuries ago.  Perhaps Mr. Siprell should read a history book or two, or read some studies on the health habits of prostitutes and those that frequent them.

The arrest logs serve the purpose of educating the public on who the law-breakers are, in the community that they occupy.  I, for one, am interested in knowing who these law-breakers are, and where they live, so I can avoid these areas.

Mr. Siprell's articles consistently model poor writing and analogies, and consistently exhibit far-left Progressive memes.  I must ask you:  is this the model for editorial writing for your newspaper going forward?  If so, you will have one less reader.

Mr. Siprell's politics and beliefs are one thing... being subjected to them serially on your editorial page, over and over, is something that I can do without.
Steve Saunders

Mexico Beach, FL

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