• Where’s the money?

    At the City Commission meeting Tuesday night I posed the question again of “where is the money coming from” to move the lighthouse to the city to Mayor Mel. READ MORE

  • Thanks for health fair

    Many thanks to Sacred Heart Hospital for the recent health fair at their location in Port St. Joe on Wednesday, March 12. READ MORE

  • Christianity is tolerance

    I am responding to the letter from Loren Siprell on “The threat of fundamentalism Creationism” in the March 6, 2014 edition of “The Star”. READ MORE

  • A power play?

    I just read the paper and the issue regarding the PSJRA and the dissolution of the board of directors. READ MORE

  • Thanks Sacred Heart

    Recently I found myself facing oral surgery and was dealing with local physicians affiliated with the Sacred Heart Hospital. READ MORE

  • A decision in need of correction

    As we go through life we are faced with many decisions. READ MORE

  • An open letter

    My mother and father taught my sister, brothers and I to always work for the things we want and to never steal anything from anyone, unlike the person who went on my property and stole my radio and speakers out of my classic Mustang. READ MORE

  • A happy new resident

    I wish to thank three outstanding business women in Gulf County – Carol Erwin of Forgotten Coast Realty in Mexico Beach, and Amber Lowry and Ashley Baird from Centennial Bank’s Port St. Joe branch. READ MORE

  • On the subject of … 2/17/14

    I was first published in the Star when I wrote a ‘Letter to the editor’ in which I shared another letter I wrote to the Mayor of Port Saint Joe asking him to show his support for marriage equality; not surprisingly I never heard back from Mayor Magidson on that matter. READ MORE

  • Thank you Coach Hindley

    For those of you who know who I am I hope this finds you well. READ MORE

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