• Pets on AFB property

    We have been coming to Cape San Blas for the month of January for the past seven years. READ MORE

  • Lighthouse move angered many

    Thank you for making the effort to keep the historic Cape San Blas Lighthouse on the Cape. READ MORE

  • Saying goodbye

    The recent decision by the Commissioners to restrict all pet traffic north of the AFB Gate at Cape San Blas will surely have some of the lower Cape's pet lovers cancelling their rental reservations and looking for somewhere else to spend their tourist dollars from now on. READ MORE

  • Concerns about bear habitat

    I was pleased to read that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is accepting public input about black bears (“The bear necessities covered at FWC workshop” May 29). READ MORE

  • Interim federal red snapper season update

    As the owner and operator of the only marina and bait & tackle store here in Mexico Beach, I wanted to give a quick update: We sit right in front of one of the finest red snapper fisheries in the Gulf. READ MORE

  • Read the fine print

    If you are planning to vote for Steve Southerland keep this in mind, he is sending out political brochures with the fine print... READ MORE

  • Compassionate care at SHH

    Recently I was hospitalized for 18 days in Port St. Joe at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Gul READ MORE

  • Leadership

    Once again from my home in suburban Dallas, Texas I watch the male members of Gulf County BOCC show their 24/7 disrespect towards Commissioner Bryan. READ MORE

  • Review of Southerland’s record

    Before we move into high gear with the political season this year, let's review what Congressman Southerland has (or hasn't) done for us in the past year or so regarding jobs, our economy, and fairness READ MORE

  • Celebrating nurses

    Each year, National Nurses Week is celebrated beginning May 6th and ending May 12th on Florence Nightingale's birthday. READ MORE

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