• Dear Mayor and Councilpersons

    Did I understand correctly that in the council meeting on Tuesday, April 14 that three councilpeople, Mullen, Castro and Mayor Cathey voted not to ask the city attorney his opinion of a hotly debated zoning issue? READ MORE

  • World Tai Chi Day

    Free to the public, Saturday, 25 April, is "World Tai Chi Day". READ MORE

  • Positive thinking

    I like to think positive about other people, especially my friends. READ MORE

  • RV questions

    Our names are Russell Peck and Kim Peck. We own property at 4224 SR30A in Port St. Joe. READ MORE

  • Applauding St. Joe

    I'm sending much applause to Port St. Joe with its progressive pet-friendly attitude. READ MORE

  • Dear residents of Port St. Joe

    I would like to encourage everyone who lives in the city to take a few hours of their valuable time to become informed about the upcoming city elections. READ MORE

  • Thanks Commissioner Thursbay

    I would like to take the time to recognize Commissioner William Thursbay for displaying bold leadership and acting with the utmost integrity in helping me rectify the situation involving the cable line blocking my driveway. READ MORE

  • Business owner defends truth

    As a small business owner in a small community, I believe in the practice of supporting other small business owners and helping each other navigate the path of success. READ MORE

  • St. Joe Gas note to customers

    The following was mailed to all St. Joe Gas customers last week asking them to note an upcoming meeting of the Port St. Joe City Commission. READ MORE

  • Thanks to community

    The Willis V. Rowan American Legion Post 116 held its annual Good Friday Fish Fry/Chicken BBQ at the Beacon Hill Veterans Memorial Park marking another year that we sold-out. READ MORE

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