• BP concerns

    I would just like to take a moment to thank Paula Pickett on her letter a month or so ago concerning BP. READ MORE

  • To anyone who still cares

    We’ve been coming to the Cape for over two decades and have observed the damage caused by the hurricanes along with the loss and replenishment of the beachfront. READ MORE

  • Marijuana referendum

    Quite obviously the medical marijuana drive has little to do with medical use and more to do with recreational use. READ MORE

  • An honest, caring life

    As I think about growing up, I am proud to say that I had parents who taught me to be honest in every way. READ MORE

  • A master of spin indeed!

    I read, with interest the letter from Jim Clements of Carrabelle, in the September 11, 2014 issue of the “Star”. READ MORE

  • Commission passes mistake off to citizens

    In the last County Commission meeting Administrator Don Butler recommended to the board to absorb cost for removing fill sand on a thirty acre site that was sold to the Gulf County Gun Cub. READ MORE

  • Improving the beach aesthetic

    As someone who has truly loved St. Joe Beach from a distance for 25 years, and who is now, at long last, a permanent resident, I've seen the slow degradation of our beach aesthetic due to the influx of visitors. READ MORE

  • Last penny city gets

    I just returned from paying $50 for my annual boat launch permit. While at city hall I found out that the permit will expire on Dec. 31. READ MORE

  • Aging not for wimps

    After reading the book titled “Getting Old Ain’t for Wimps” I agreed that the writer was sure right. READ MORE

  • A master of spin

    The Violence Against Women Act is an extremely successful program that has reduced incidents of domestic violence by more than half since it was first implemented. READ MORE

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