• Spread the costs

    A letter in the May 7, 2015 issue of the Star points out that shortly the residents of Cape San Blas (from what I can gather, the residents between the rocks and the state park) will be asked to pass the second MTSU for beach replinishment. READ MORE

  • Beaches becoming worse

    A year ago Nancy Thompson wrote a note regarding the deteroration of the Cape beaches by an increased number of visitors, the accumulation of beach 'toys' , and the impact of vehicles on the beach. READ MORE

  • Facts dictate MSTU need

    With all respect to Ms. Murphy who wrote an editorial last week, there are a number of errors and misinformation. READ MORE

  • Thanks Lions Club

    I am a teacher at Port St. Joe Jr/Sr High School. READ MORE

  • Fool me once

    In a few weeks the residents of the Cape will be asked to pass the second MSTU in eight years to renourish the beach sand to save homes down by the Stump Hole. READ MORE

  • Enforce leash laws

    How ironic that Port St. Joe has just been named “Best City for Pet Travelers”. READ MORE

  • Presidential exams

    Is there an established law in the United States which insists that a candidate for the important post of being the President of the country have a complete physical and mental examination prior to announcing their candidacy? READ MORE

  • America – Where are we?

    I have a friend who was born in Russia and witnessed atrocities that make your blood run cold. READ MORE

  • Dear Mayor and Councilpersons

    Did I understand correctly that in the council meeting on Tuesday, April 14 that three councilpeople, Mullen, Castro and Mayor Cathey voted not to ask the city attorney his opinion of a hotly debated zoning issue? READ MORE

  • World Tai Chi Day

    Free to the public, Saturday, 25 April, is "World Tai Chi Day". READ MORE

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