Living in a Bubble

Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 11:20 AM.

Dear Editor,

Most people do not like controversy or dissention and typically avoid it especially when they think things are good in their life. In a way, it makes perfect sense because who wants to get in an argument or fight if it is not necessary in your mind. Deciphering and comprehending the issue seems to be critical in making the determination to speak out or become involved. Some people go into denial about problems that they could help fix while others merely avoid it because it goes against their grain or lifestyle that they have experienced.

Waiting until your neighbor’s house is on fire and the flames are lapping at your doorstep could be too late to react and history has shown us this countless times. It is a part of human nature that many hope that the approaching storm will not affect them because it has not before and so they take no precautions.

When our amazing country was founded there were some skirmishes with the local inhabitants, the Indians. Some were peaceful and generous to the Europeans while others were resentful and fearful then violence occurred. Interestingly, there were hundreds of tribes who felt they were safe from the European conquering of the Americas and took the attitude that what happened to that tribe will not happen to them. It was denial in the finest form and when they all accepted what was going to happen, it was too late.

In World War II we saw the same thing on a larger scale with Nazi Germany as they seemed friendly enough in the beginning with “Hope and Change” from a bad economy and war torn nation. The extermination of millions of people under the eyes of the German population was because of people in denial and evil people with an agenda that they were better than other people. Again, people sat idly by in their own bubble until the knock came to their door by the SS to take them to the train station. The Russians and the Japanese did the same thing in WW11 and murdered millions of innocent people who thought they were safe or refused to become involved in the tale tell signs that things are changing for the worst.

We, as Americans cannot afford nor should we live in a bubble and pretend that things are normal or that there is no threat outside our door. The National Cemeteries are full of men and women who sacrificed for a reason and it was not to live in a bubble of denial. It is our obligation and responsibility to protect the freedoms we have been given at such a high cost.

Today, political correctness and overreaching government trumping over people’s rights should remind you of another time in our countries history. Reread the Declaration of Independence and in particular the reasons for it and think about today, you will see some very interesting parallels.  Hence, the revolutionary war began.

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