New meeting time wrong

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 09:31 AM.

Dear Editor:

Here we go again! In the 1990’s we had meetings conducted in the morning hours. Again, it was denied by the commissioners, but we all knew the real reason, “Early hours prevent late hour citizen involvement”. Some folks work! They (commissioners) never defined the real reason but we knew “it was for their convenience?”

The county administrator was head of the building department in those days. Recalling from personal knowledge, two commissioners traveled to attend the meeting along with the supervisor of the road department from the North end of the county.

During this run (meeting held in the morning hours) never was it suggested that the reason was to reduce cost? Again, the reason was plain….no citizen participation…no fuss…business as usual. I recall two to three citizens attending and maybe when a land use item came up maybe two more.

We are on a course for the same results with the recent decision to return to morning hour meetings.

The administrator spoke of cost saving measures in his recommendation?

He indicated money would be saved by not using the utilities?

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