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Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 09:31 AM.

Some employees receive overtime pay?

Finally, it appeared he hinged his opinion on the fact adjoining counties (Bay & Franklin) hold their meeting in the morning hours.

To the first item: Having worked for 12 years in the system (county employee) I can attest that utilities are the LEAST worry of the commission. Never during my period of employment did I observe anyone doing a walk thru after hours to ensure lights, etc., was turned off or was there any protocols in effect to suggest employees ensure conservation of utilities.

To the second item: Employees receive overtime pay. STOP! That is an issue very easily solved. If the person is a union employee….negotiate with the union that after hour attendance of meetings is part of the employment agreement. Staff members…TOUGH!

The only employee that I recall that would be charging overtime is the county attorney (WHAT”S New?) Get a Grip! The attorney will charge the same if the meeting is held “morning, noon or night” and/or if more than two people are breathing.

Third item: Adjoining counties do it so “it must be the thing”? Once again we are being compared to others. Why can’t the sitting commissioners have the “intestinal fortitude” (for lack of other choice words to which we find they are lacking) to say for one time …”it’s what we are directing and the decision is final”? The circumstances indicate the comparison will be the justification needed to calm and shift the uproar…because it’s done elsewhere it’s the thing for us?

Finally, it comes down to a simple question? Are the employees and elected officials of the county there to serve the citizens of our county?

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