PSJRA vote

Published: Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 09:20 AM.

Dear Editor,

We criticize and cuss the politicians in Washington for the backdoor deals they make. The city of Port St. Joe is no different. Whether we agree or not on an issue, an elected official should never be subjected to what three of our commissioners have been subjected to during this discussion of who controls the PSJRA. One of our commissioners had at least six of his customers cancel contracts because of his stand on this issue. Another commissioner lost a $4,000 dollar contract because of his stand on this issue. The third commissioner received a phone call reminding him of where he has gotten business in the past and it would not be there if he stayed on course with his support of this issue. It makes me ashamed to know that people in our town would resort to these lowly attempts to threaten a commissioner to change his mind on a vote. Sounds like a play out of a Mafia playbook.

There is a group of people in our town that wants to control everything. If you go along they are your friends and if not they turn on you and attempt to destroy you. I know this from my own personal experience as a commissioner. We need more elected officials that stand on their principles regardless of personal loss.

I do not always agree with the positions these three men take. However, I am proud they stood for their convictions.

I also know that this post will generate some negative comments towards me. It will be okay. I have withstood the fire in the kitchen.

I was also proud of the way the two opposing men conducted themselves at the end of the meeting.

John Reeves

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