Questions about PSJRA

Published: Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 09:13 AM.

Dear Editor,

Ed. Note: this letter was sent to each Port St. Joe city commissioner, but was addressed to Commissioner Bo Patterson.

Dear Commissioner Patterson,

I am directing this letter to you in questioning the recent events by the Port St Joe City Commissioners to take over the Port St Joe Redevelopment Agency.  This vote I might add came to be under questionable timing with very short notice and took place while the Executive Director of the PSJRA, Gail Alsobrook was known to be out of town. 

Commissioner Patterson, can you shed some light on how this topic was first discussed and why it was deemed so important that it had to occur while the Director of the PSJRA was out of town?  I am sure as an elected politician you can see the odd timing of this vote and can understand why so many people are suspicious of your claims and actions, one resident even calling it a ‘cowardly act’.

Commissioner Patterson, on a couple of occasions you have stated that many voters called you in support of this take over.  Do these people that you claim support this vote offer ideas of what should be done differently?  If so, what are they suggesting?   As I understand the City Commissioners already have final say over the board’s actions and you have previously stated that ‘the board does a great job’, so what further do you seek to benefit by dissolving the board?  If they do a great job, why dissolve it?

I have read a considerable amount of responses against dissolving the PSJRA Board and know of none in favor.  Are all these people that you claim call you in support willing to speak up in favor of your actions?  Please help us understand as these actions and statements cause me to believe there is a hidden agenda at work.

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