Review of Southerland’s record

Published: Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 09:04 AM.

Dear Editor,

Before we move into high gear with the political season this year, let's review what Congressman Southerland has (or hasn't) done for us in the past year or so regarding jobs, our economy, and fairness. He and his colleagues shutdown the government, costing the economy $24 billion in economic growth; he would've thrown the federal government into default, making it more expensive both for the government and the average citizen and small business to borrow monies due to higher interest rates, and slowing the creation of jobs.

He and his colleagues in the House voted to pass Republican Paul Ryan's budget plan, which among other things:(1) raises taxes on middle class families with children while lowering taxes on millionaires by an average of $87,000 apiece; (2) cuts monies to Medicare, the health care for our seniors; and (3) cuts monies for early education, Pell grants, and job training, all essential for folks to get a fair shake for jobs in today's workforce.

Congressman Southerland has consistently been against spending necessary monies to rebuild America's/North Florida's crumbling infrastructure, whether it be roads, bridges, transit systems, wastewater facilities and what have you, depriving many people of employment opportunities. He's been against increasing the minimum wage at all, and we all know that no one can support a family on the current minimum wage, much less pump necessary monies into the economy to create more needed jobs for people.

He's been against the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would work to equalize pay for the same work between men and women, where currently a woman only earns on average 83 percent of what a man does, and that takes necessary monies both out of people's immediate households but also out of the overall economy which, again, would create more and better paying jobs for people.

Yes, Congressman Southerland in the upcoming election might say popular statements about jobs and the economy to keep/gain your support, but his actual votes and positions show the truth of where he's really coming from and you need to remember this come when it's time for you to cast your votes in November. Sincerely, John Hedrick

John Hedrick

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