Saying goodbye to friends

Published: Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 09:22 AM.



Dear Editor:

In the late afternoon last week, I said goodbye to two wonderful young people, my friends that were departing on a new and exciting adventure; their future spread before them to taste and see and explore. I was sad to see them leave but joyful that at last peace could become a part of their life.  A letter posted previously stated that Chris Hubbard, Mexico Beach’s City Manager, should have left long ago.  I totally agree with Ms. Burgess.  The unrealistic volume of tasks heaped upon one person was ridiculous!  No human being should be treated in the manner that Mr. Hubbard endured.  The position of City Manager is one of the worst jobs, the most unthankful and demanding of any city employee; especially small towns that have very few employees.  I am not making excuses but merely pointing out that there is no one to assist the Manager.  And our city council, which insists there is no money to hire another city hall worker, ignored the reality of common sense and made Mr. Hubbard in charge of everything a few months ago.  I voiced my opinion at that meeting stating that it was impossible for Mr. Hubbard to take on even more work.  He is only one person!  He can’t do everything!   Mr. Hubbard never was rude to the council and showed restraint when being bullied, at nearly every meeting, by a council member because he had not done something to the satisfaction of this member.  Was it time for him to go?  Yes, Candice it was; for his health, his future, for his time to enjoy life and not be constantly trying to please everybody.  Farewell my friends, Chris and Debbie, and may God bless you with a happy life that had become impossible to achieve in Mexico Beach.

Connie Risinger

Mexico Beach

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