Published: Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 09:22 AM.

George Washington said, "Follow the teachings of Jesus Christ." The Founding Fathers of the United States of America did just that by incorporating the Teachings of Jesus Christ into the U.S. Constitution and publishing an American Bible.

The American Bible was published in about 1820. It was edited by a Founding Father, while he was serving as President of the U.S., in collaboration with other Founding Fathers, and it chronicles the teachings of Jesus Christ. The American Bible was/is ignored by "Christians" possible because: 1) it is too short and 2) leaves little wiggle-room for biblical interpretation and 3) does not preach that the followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ should sit around waiting to die expecting God to overlook how the Biblical Children of God denigrate God's greatest creation -- Man. The American Bible truly is -- an American Bible.

God created Man, giving Man exceptional capabilities and competencies. God blessed America. Americans should thank God by showing appreciation for God's Gifts and honoring God's reasonable expectations.

I was recently certified as a Doctor of Divinity for my work showing how the American Bible was incorporated into the U.S. Constitution and that the "roots" of America are planted firmly in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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By crossing the line between "free speech" and sedition, The Star and Ed McAteer seem to have violated --

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