Steve Southerland --Oceans Champion!

Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 03:08 PM.

Dear Editor”

In spite of an unprecedented amount of money being funneled to Jim Clements and Gulf Fishermens Alliance (representing maybe 10 percent of commercial fishermen) by various environmental groups to stop Steve’s re-election, Steve Southerland won handily in a district that is registered 60 percent Democrat. He even won in Calhoun County which is registered over 70 percent Democrat. This is a man, hard at work for what his constituents want and need, to get our economies turned for the better. Fishing does equal jobs for all businesses here along the panhandle.

 To step up to the plate, as a freshman Congressmen, as Steve has the last couple of years, go against these huge environmental groups (PEW, EDF); painted a target on his back for this past election; and they came after him,  with wallets out---posting and printing  newspaper articles, billboards and ads filled with lies. But in the end, truth won out. When you win an election in a district that is registered 60 percent (D) and win the election with 71 percent of the vote—you are truly a  representative of and by the people.

 Many thanks to Steve Southerland, and his team for getting him re-elected. The democratic process is alive and well in District 2 with an amazing amount of bipartisan voting; with only the good of all residents in mind, not just the party they are affiliated with. Hats off to all District 2 residents – we should be proud of ourselves for keeping the democratic process alive and well here in N. Fla.

  P.S. These hundreds of thousands of dollars being funneled through Jim Clements to represent only 10 percent of commercial fishermen---SOUNDS PRETTY FISHY TO ME!!!               


Capt.  Tom Adams

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