Taxation without cell service

Published: Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 09:48 AM.

Dear Editor:

When we first moved to Cape San Blas (before the rocks), I complained and complained about the cell phone reception.  Local residents insisted that it was a moot point – “No need to go there!  It’s been tried before.  We don’t have enough votes out here to do anything.  The ‘greenies’ will shout it down.”  Well, my response to this was unprintable. And to think that the cape area provides approximately 67 percent of the county’s taxes adds to my frustration.

Now I find that AT&T came by a few years ago asking to put a cell tower up in Salinas Park.  But some greedy politician sought to put the tower on some privately-owned property to reap the monthly rent paid by the AT&T.

Here’s an idea … put one on Salinas Park (county/state land?) and donate the funds to some worthy causes: a continuing supported food bank, park supplies, beach trash barrels, and fixing the fire stations. 

I didn’t know that the taxes I paid out for Fire/EMT don’t proportionately go to our two Volunteer Fire Stations.  The county is divided into four different Fire Districts, so we only get 25 percent of the taxes collected … that’s not right!  Why not take a chunk of the monies collected from a cell phone tower and supplement our fire station’s budget?

Let’s do what’s smart.

Brooks Jones

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