Thank You Mr. Rogers…

Published: Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 09:06 AM.
Dear Editor,
I’m embarrassed to admit this, but this letter is way past due. Writing a letter of praise often takes a back seat to the far easier task of writing something in protest or to complain. After all, we humans love to gripe about this thing or another. And why wouldn’t we, especially when there are certain members of the Gulf County BOCC that provide such a content rich environment. It is priceless. 
Today, though, I would like to step away from focusing on the shenanigans of the BOCC and take a moment to showcase an experience I had with another public servant, Raymond Rogers. Raymond works for the City of Port St. Joe and he left a measurable impression on me and my wife during a time of need. Let me explain.
It was mid-December 2012 and we blew back into town for a quick weekend. My wife and I were one of Port St. Joe’s newest taxpayers. We had recently bought a little cottage in town that we aptly named The Blown Inn. We couldn’t have been prouder.
With the bride and daughter in tow, we discovered we had no water in the house. The pipes were bone dry. Then I remembered the water main project. The city was upgrading the water lines out by the street. Sure enough, the meter box had been disturbed. I checked to see if they forgot to turn the water back on, but the valve was clearly open. I called the City and within 30 minutes, I had a knock at the door and met Raymond Rogers.
Raymond wasted not a second and spent a considerable amount of time digging deep around the meter to investigate the problem. He discovered and reported that the water line between the meter and the house was severely clogged with dirt and debris. We looked at each other in confusion. That made absolutely no sense, at the time.

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