The Apology

Published: Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 09:20 AM.

Dear Editor,

In the last Gulf County Commission meeting an individual was allowed to ask if I was ready to make an apology to Gulf County for the “frivolous” law suit that supposedly cost the county a lot of money.  I thought most intelligent people understood the event and what happened but to clear this once and for all, I will speak to this.


Keep in mind that I am the initiator of the complaint and suit filed against the County Commissioners as a direct result of their behavior immediately prior to the 2012 election and because I filed the suit, only I could stop it. It was my decision to stop the suit not theirs. In case you do not know, Frivolous law suits result in whoever filed the suit having to paying for all attorney fees and the fact that the county agreed to pay their portion is evidence that an injustice was committed on their part. This was NOT a frivolous law suit by any stretch of the imagination. It was and still is a very serious breach of the public trust. Consequently, they knew that was the best route to take was to pay their fees and hope this went away. But, they keep allowing the subject to come up so let get to the truth.


The deal breaker for me on the complaint and suit was a legal glitch found after detailed research which gives immunity to a degree for elected officials from what they say.  When this was discovered, I realized that a lot of the complaint and suit would be overturned but that did not in any way prove they were innocent. They in fact planned and deliberately attacked in public the PAC, myself and others that were their political opponents. They created lies about all of us and tried to demonize a group of citizens who only want the best for the county but did not agree with them. They used their political connections to influence the SAO office to have an investigation against me and others on drummed up false charges which was proven not to hold up.


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