The Apology

Published: Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 09:20 AM.

Let’s address the so called cost to the county; First of all if they had behaved properly, it never would have happened but they have our tax dollars to use as a weapon against anyone who challenges or questions them so they do not care.. If you file a law suit, unless the attorney agrees to take in on a contingency then you pay and have no public funding to abuse and risk as they did. So in a way, as a tax payer I was paying both ways. There were two very serious workers comp claims along with some other claims that had an impact on the counties insurance premiums. My law suit had little impact on the new cost. If you know insurance company underwriters, it is all about risk when they determine new costs. For example, if you have several wrecks or tickets for driving badly then your automobile insurance will increase accordingly. I think the underwriters took a hard look at our Commissioners and realized the risk had increased considerably from their actions and behavior and that was the main reason for the increased cost. They knew that if these Commissioners continued that other law suits would follow and sure enough they have.  


If you honestly believe that the Gulf County Commission, the $104,000.00 a year County Administrator, the $180,000 a year County Attorney are not all wrapped up  with each other for personal benefit and not for the people, then you have not been paying attention. 


                                                   I am very sorry for the following:

1.       That the Commissioners electioneered the last election to their advantage.

2.       That we do not have County Wide Voting and the elected are dragging their heels in the background as they know we can easily get it but it does not work to their benefit.

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