Too close to home

Published: Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 09:19 AM.

Dear Editor,

First, I would like commend Loren Siprell for his superb editorial in the April 3 edition of The Star.

I, too, am an avid Facebook fan, always curious about what others are doing or the “big” stories flooding the web.  I am also another of those that find myself browsing the Gulf County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page to see, “Who is in the news?’

It’s all good you might say until it comes too close to home. One morning you go into work and by habit pick up the paper to your loved one’s picture plastered across the page. Then you go to the GCSO’s Facebook page to see people saying cruel things about him, making sarcastic remarks about “how proud their mother’s must be.”

My biggest argument with the immediate release of a story or alleged crime is whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The media and others are so quick to get a headline or “their guy” that they don’t stop to think about how those key words will affect the family.

What happened to getting to the truth before posting those “glamorized” headlines just to make it look like “You are just doing your job?” In the end, after all the dust has settled and the facts have come out that it just wasn’t the case.

After all is said and done, these people whether innocent or guilty are stereotyped. They are forever labeled, turned away from jobs, not to mention they will also be “watched” by law enforcement. They made, as Mr. Siprell stated, “a poor decision that will undoubtedly affect them for a good portion of their lives. I feel as a Christian community we must forgive those that somehow, for one reason or another, took the wrong path.”

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