What are they hiding and afraid of?

Published: Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 08:38 AM.

Dear Editor,

An amazing display of insubordination, disrespect and obvious conspiracy by Mr. Don Butler and (shall we call them Men?) of the Gulf County Commission to suppress and stop Commissioner Bryan in her open and honest effort to obtain answers about contract procedures that has led to flooding issues in her district. Obviously, Butler is the key to how contracts were let with our tax dollars to unqualified vendors and on the surface Butler appears quite concerned about looking in the rear view mirror. He uses the smoke screen of how busy they are, sick employees and other lame excuses to lay the ground work for his attempt to make the public aware that they do not have the time to cooperate with Commissioner Bryan as he obviously does with  the other commissioners. If Mr. Butler was in the corporate world and spoke to a Board Member like that, I assure you, he would be meeting with the Board immediately after the meeting and handed his walking papers. He also seems quite assured of his position by his attack on Commissioner Bryan due to the fact he has direct communication with other commissioners prior to all meetings to protect his interest and orchestrate the circus performance we witnessed.

You would think if it is discovered that the county has a habit of allowing contracts to unqualified vendors resulting in huge liability exposure and unnecessary costs with our tax dollars that all five commissioners would be concerned instead of participating in what appears to be a “Cover Up”.  If you really look into it, none of current Commissioners approved the Americus Ditch contract and in fact one existing Commissioner voted against it. So who are they protecting and why would they go to these extremes to try and shut down this request for information?

Could it be that the commissioners who oppose the request for information have Mr. Butler’s interest higher that the people of the county coupled with their attempt to send a message to Commissioner Bryan that they will shut her down with anything she brings up as they have demonstrated in past meetings? You decide.

The Freedom of Information Act is something that the Commissioners cannot mess up or prevent as they do with their so called “Home Rules”. If they interfere or prevent access to these records by public requests they will expose themselves to severe repercussions. While they think they can bask in their futile attempt to prevent Commissioner Bryan from obtaining information and in effect taking away her constitutional authority to represent District 3 as an elected official, I want Commissioner Bryan to know that we do not agree with Mr. Butler and his Cronies.  So, Commissioner Bryan, if you need any documentation from our county records, please let me know and we will fund the cost required so that you can discover what is really going on.

Citizens Improving Gulf County

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