What is the real cost of the lighthouse

Published: Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 10:01 AM.

Dear Editor,

The Cape San Blas Lighthouse is in the news again this week. I have no strong feelings either way on whether it is moved to town or not. However, I do have some questions I would love for someone to answer. 
What is the total cost of moving the lighthouse?
What is going to be the annual cost of maintaining the lighthouse?
What is the annual cost of liability insurance going to be? 
What is it going to cost to rehab the houses? 
How many employees is it going to take to operate this facility? 
Has anyone done a study to see what the return on investment will be to the city? 
Who is going to pay for all of the above?
We have read that this venture is not going to cost the taxpayers. However, I understand that a state line item appropriation is being sought to help pay for the move. This is taxpayer money from all over the state. I also have read that monies from the PSJRA have been set aside to facilitate this project. These monies are local tax dollars. I liked the idea of private funding as originally proposed.
I can see the positive impact that it could possibly have for our merchants. We do need something positive to help our local merchants. How do our merchants feel about this project? 
I only hope that this does not become a white elephant for our city. We have so many issues that need addressing like maintaining what we have.
Could some of the folks involved with this project answer these questions for me? Please just answer the questions without any personal attacks. I honestly would like to know.

John Reeves

Port St. Joe

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