Where is the respect for women?

Published: Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 09:23 AM.

     Oh that's right, I "can vote by my feet" right? Move.  How would it be if our forefathers never stood up to the British? As one (loco yoko) suggested, "the door is always open" to leave Mexico Beach!  How about freedom of speech? Here's the catch; if you dare to venture up to the "public podium" to make a rational statement (God forbid you are a woman) you will most definitely be ridiculed by first the Mayor and then, the rest of his pack! Or, totally ignored as though you are the one with the problem.  The general consensus.....is that the mayor and his family can do no wrong!  If you do not believe me look at the voting record. It is a fact, check it out if you dare to care, that Al Cathey has voted against Tanya Castro on countless issues!   Now, how Bryan’s record stand with the opposing boys?

      It is my theory that uneducated, domineering men, have forever used offense as their only defense! When challenged by an intelligent individual who can not be intimidated (because they have backbone and make their money elsewhere, tend to raise their voices in anger.   Just watch and pay attention to the mayor’s posturing antics!  In reality, he is the one who is afraid!  And, I believe, he has a lot to be afraid of!

      Please be aware that my comments, as I may stand alone; are solely my opinion; but I would really hope and appreciate a "community watch" since I live in Mexico Beach and may have "offended" the Powers That Are!

      May we live in love and peace.

Mary Jo Walsh

Mexico Beach


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