Wiggling out of responsibility in Gulf County

Published: Friday, December 14, 2012 at 10:59 AM.

George Duren says, "an ongoing problem that has lingered in our school system for decades...low academic expectations by students and parents of Gulf County schools" and "students must commit themselves to learning and parents must commit themselves to supporting this process."

Can it really be the parents, none of whom have teaching credentials and who must work to support their family and pay the taxes that pay the public employees that staff GCSD? Or, as he suggests, is it the students, who don't know what they don't know and come to school hoping to find out? Excuse me!

Why is the failure of GCSD schooling processes and practices the parents' and students' fault? To a "blow-in", it looks more like the adult male leadership of Gulf County has traditionally lacked the intestinal fortitude necessary to protect the county's children from exploitation by Gulf County's Public Parasites. No business in America could survive with GCSD's lack of quality control standards and product rejection rate.

In over 40 years of classroom teaching, I have never expected parents to do anything except provide their children with a quiet place to study, adequate sleep, and breakfast before they come to school. Ensuring that my students learned what they had to learn to move up the schooling ladder was my job, my responsibility, and what I was paid for. My students always overachieved.

GCSD's inept performance is not the parents' or the students' fault.

Students are students. Physiologically they are more similar than different.

Yes, students' home nurturing makes a difference. However, effective schooling can overcome almost all socio-economic deficiencies. Students don't come to school to fail. Schools fail students, literally and figuratively.

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