Cranks My Tractor

Published: Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 09:20 AM.

“I’m glad you asked me that,” I explained to the lady.  Then I told her, “Let me run this by you.  You see my wife’s 50th birthday is today and she wants a new range.  After pricing what it’s going to cost to get gas in the house, I thought this would be a better option.”

The two ladies of course started laughing – they were bent over laughing to be honest.  As I left carrying the huge can of beans, one of the ladies warned me, “I sure would hate to be you tonight.”

My wife appreciated the humor; the beans were in a nice bag. Everything was ok, she got the earrings and she will get the gas (from the gas company) and the new range and probably the countertops and everything else she wanted.


I’ll be taking beans to the next office party.

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