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Published: Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 09:13 AM.

The topic she was struggling with had something to do with describing your favorite place and how it makes you feel.  My daughter is not going to try to guess what the decision makers want to see, she will write about her favorite place and they can like it or not.  That type of stubbornness makes her Daddy proud.

She had finally figured out where her favorite place would be; somewhere back in time, probably way before she was born.  My daughter reads about history and the folks who made it.  The only conclusion I could make was that she was “going back in time.” 

Back in the 1980’s Michael J. Fox played the role of Marty McFly in “Back to the Future.”   There was time travel and silliness and honestly it was very entertaining.  I’m sure my daughter has no intentions of time travel or even writing about it.  She simply enjoys the thought of “being there when it happened.”

She loves history and enjoys reading and writing about it.  She wants to major in history and be involved with museums and such (for now).  Children change their minds, so do adults.

The idea of going back in time is actually very appealing to most of us I would think.  We would all like to see people again and perhaps change some decisions.

I was in bed when she came and told me about this burden being lifted (on what to write about).  It is nice to have a teenager that will tell you things that are on their mind.  I stayed awake for most of the night, not thinking about Marty McFly, but about how nice it feels to have a seventeen year-old daughter who will share her thoughts with you.

That, and the way she says “museum.”  She says it differently that I do, she says something that sounds like “muzim.”  Not the way I say it, but I love to hear her say it.

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