Cranks My Tractor

Published: Friday, November 22, 2013 at 11:12 AM.

With that golden blonde hair hanging out of his helmet, Billy Bob plays middle linebacker on defense and wingback on offense. You have to just love it. A fellow named Billy Bob who plays linebacker in the woods of one of Alabama’s most beautiful counties – Nick Saban, the coach at the University of Alabama needs to get in his vehicle and head due east before Auburn finds out who is in their backyard.

As you would imagine, Billy Bob takes a lot of flak for his hair being so long and blonde on top of that. He hears the “Is that a girl?” or “Are you a girl?” At 11 years-old and in a football helmet and uniform, you can understand how folks might make that mistake.

If this doesn’t get you, nothing will.

Billy Bob was visiting his doctor in Anniston, Alabama a few years back and he had grown his hair a little long. The doctor who has developed a special relationship with Billy Bob told him, “I know there are a lot of sick kids who would like to have that hair.”

After leaving the doctor’s office, Billy Bob asked his mother what the doctor meant about sick kids needing hair. His mother showed him on the computer where the Locks of Love program uses donated hair to create hair prosthetics for children.

Having seen many children in the hospital with no hair, Billy Bob didn’t realize it was because they were sick. He decided that he wanted to grow his hair out to give away to kids who needed it.

Billy Bob is working on growing his third hair donation for Locks of Love.

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