Cops, robbers and cronies

Published: Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 09:49 AM.

No record of the three interviews with McElroy which she said (Oct. 25) were conducted?

No record of the interviews with the individuals mentioned by McElroy (Oct. 25) in which she reported the subjects invoked their Fifth Amendment privilege? 

No activities mentioned that supposedly led to the discovery of a previous felony conviction of Garth?  No record of any documents that led to that conclusion. Who? What? Where?  This very publicly released investigation finding/accusation has yet to be documented by any evidence. The Supervisor of Elections office when pursuing appropriate actions asked the SAO office for the evidence/record and was told, “Never mind” and Garth has yet to receive any response from the SAO to his request of 75 days ago?  

What happened between July 17 and Oct. 16? There were several visits to county residents by investigators and multiple attempts at interviews. Several after the primary election date when commissioner Yeager the alleged victim was reelected.  Since there is no record in the investigation file, the question becomes was all this activity just meant to intimidate Garth, the PAC, candidates or voters.

This saga can continue for many more pages but I am out of time and paper.  What does all this mean for us Gulf County residents, voters, and candidates?  Is the SAO so easily duped by pols and influence peddlers that he can’t determine free speech from crimes?  Did someone in the SAO’s office deliberately participate in an effort to intimidate the PAC, Garth, voters and candidates?  Every Gulf County voter must look at the issues put them in the context of that election cycle and decide for themselves.  Then recognize that we are less than two years from the next one and two of the commissioners, Smiley and McDaniel, who participated in the “Clown Act” of Oct. 25, will be up for reelection and Hess is up two years after that.  I believe this whole episode was contrived to intimidate, suppress the free speech activities of citizens and candidates of Gulf County. If you think the same, remember it and hold them all responsible for ineptitude or attempting to use the law and your tax dollars to intimidate and influence your election process.

Colonel Pierce T. Graney, US Army (RET)

St. Joe Beach

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