~“Sitting with Mary”~

Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 09:50 AM.

As the line moved along, I kept thinking about P.T. Barnum’s success with “freak shows.” This is exactly what these folks were doing. Judging from those who were going to audition, it seemed the television show was as or more interested in “strange,” as they were talent. I kept looking for “Jo-Jo, P.T. Barnum’s Famed Dog Faced Boy,” but I never saw him or heard him bark.

With the waiting, you would think one would get tired or frustrated. I was neither. I was getting a free show. It was a show that didn’t even cost a dime to see. There were some fellows who called themselves “agents.” To be honest, one fellow dressed in suede or plush velvet suit with a bright red hat actually looked like he should be conducting some other sort of transactions. I steered way clear of this fellow.

In the middle of this pleasurable insanity, my son and I found a girl in her early twenties standing behind us in line. She was alone and very “normal” looking. She didn’t have a baton, sword or leather pants that were painted on.

She seemed safe. Therefore, in my mind, I needed to see that she “stayed safe.”

I decided to ask her, “What is your talent?” She told me that she played the piano and sang. We talked about music, the crowd and other things as the line moved along. She had something about her that was different. Her smile was pretty, her wit was keen and her overall demeanor showed confidence.

Not confidence in her talent, but confidence in who she was and what she wanted.

There I was spending time with my son, getting to talk to a nice person and getting a free freak show. I was having a wonderful time.

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