~“Sitting with Mary”~

Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 09:50 AM.

People like to be in charge.

Some people like me like to watch people who like to be in charge.

It was like I was watching a middle school play based on a Bruce Lee movie.  I didn’t have to buy a ticket, or doughnuts or even PTA wrapping paper. It was great.

We successfully passed through the boys in the white pajamas and the metal detector wand wielding folks and went into another room to get paperwork to fill out. I didn’t read the paperwork closely, but I’m sure it said something about the television folks having the right to ridicule your weirdness as much as they wanted to and you not being able to do anything about it.

The hotel was large and had many conference rooms. The “line” would now progress by moving groups of people from one conference room to the next. We stayed with the keen-witted young girl to protect her from the boys in the white pajamas and stray hula hoops flying through the air.

As we moved through these conference rooms, the folks who were there to audition took turns trying out their “talents” on those waiting in the room with them. Some were good, some were very bad. Some of the folks seemed angry, some of them seemed very sad.

For a number of the people there, it was almost like this was the first time that anyone had ever watched (or listened to) their talents. We didn’t have a choice, we were waiting. Again, it was actually very entertaining.

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