“What does work smell like?”

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 09:33 AM.

Growing up with a newspaper man, I knew what a newspaper smelled like. Not the paper itself, but the building and the folks that worked there. There was a distinct smell of paper of ink and an oily smell from the printing press.

Daddy smelled that way when he came home from the newspaper. He wasn’t a writer, he was the production manager. His position in a relatively large home-owned daily newspaper allowed me to not only learn how the paper was built and printed each day, but to watch how the technology progressed through the years.

Many newspapers are now dying or cutting way back, giving way to the electronic age and the internet. I’m not quite sure what the internet smells like, but I can tell you it doesn’t smell like the newspaper.

Some scientists say that our sense of smell and its direct connection to the brain holds memories better than our other senses. I understand this. It was the smell of Daddy coming home.

There were two distinct smells I will always remember – Daddy leaving for work and Daddy coming home.

When Daddy left in the morning, he smelled like Aqua Velva. When I’m in the drugstore or other stores that carry men’s smelly stuff, I will sneak over to the “Smell Good” aisle and open a bottle of Aqua Velva to remember.

As the commercial always claimed, “There’s just something about an Aqua Velva man.” Baseball great, Pete Rose and even Clayton Moore, “The Lone Ranger,” pushed the manly smell of Aqua Velva.

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