“What does work smell like?”

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 09:33 AM.

There are warning labels on Bengay that say too much can kill you. I’m pretty sure I was teetering on overdose. However, I will note that the burning sensation and the Menthol smell had either removed my pain or replaced it.

The smell was the smell of success and the smell of hard work and ingenuity.

Sitting in my official “Daddy chair,” smelling up the house, I was feeling a little like Spartacus or maybe more like Jim Fowler.

You remember Jim Fowler; he was Marlin Perkins sidekick on Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom.” Marlin would always stay in the jeep, helicopter or on a mountaintop and commentate on how, “Jim was doing a fine job.”

It was always Jim “doing the job,” and Marlin commentating from a safe distance.

Jim had to wrestle alligators, pull lion tails, get unraveled from Boa constrictors, ride rhinoceroses and other exciting things that would almost get him killed. Don’t you remember the time Jim jumped from the helicopter onto the elk in the snow? The elk drug Jim for about a mile through the snow.

My weekend had been spent wrestling with a John Deere self-propelled push mower. I had yanked the cord a few hundred times, almost got blown up checking the spark plug and had to put it in a submission hold in mid-air to get the oil and bad gas out of it.

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