Her perfume still lingers

Published: Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 02:28 PM.

My uncle was a nice man.  Hopefully someone sold his stock before all of the bad things started happening.

Anyway, after getting inside, I noticed that the shelves were looking a little bare and spread out to take up more space.  It bothered me, but I decided I needed to give the store a chance.  As I walked around more, it was apparent that areas of the store were blocked off to use less of the floor space. 

No problem, they were still selling things and the three or four folks working that I saw seemed very nice.   I looked around for a blue light – they don’t do that anymore.  I looked around for a submarine sandwich; I knew better.  They did have a deli counter with tables, but it looked like it had been closed off for quite a while.

This was not going to beat me or beat my good memories of Kmart.  I owed it to her; I had to give her a chance.  There was an aisle of candy, potato chips, canned food and even a small cooler with milk and soft drinks.

I needed something close to a submarine sandwich.  They had bags of sandwich bread.  I studied the bread for a while.  There were loaves that were about three dollars and one that cost about a dollar.  I opted for the dollar loaf of bread; it was baked in Georgia and had a little girl on the bag.  Not the normal little girl you see on loaves of bread, a different one; the expiration date on the bread was good, so I bought it.

Now I needed something to put in my bread, or between two slices of the bread.  I thought about peanut butter, but that just didn’t seem like the right thing to do.

A blue single serving tear-open aluminum shiny envelope caught my eye.  I started reading the label.

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