~“Hurricane Sandy, Chicken Legs & Miracles”~

Published: Friday, November 9, 2012 at 11:32 AM.

Living in Virginia, we are used to getting prepared for and hunkering down for hurricanes.  Hurricane Isabel knocked down trees, knocked out our power and kept us cooped up for about a week in 2003.  In 2011, Hurricane Irene wasn’t so bad on us, but I did have everyone in our local Wal Mart thinking they needed a hot glue gun.  It was just something I was doing for fun at 2 in the morning (making folks think they needed a hot glue gun).

Hurricane Sandy was not expected to hit us until late Sunday or Monday, but we were prepared.  At least I thought we were prepared.  I volunteered to go to the grocery store to get the necessities.  It was a fun trip.

I came home with a bunch of chicken legs, a whole chicken, three pounds of hamburger meat, a lot of pasta, can goods and a couple of loaves of bread.

It was stupid.  I admit it.  However, all of that stuff was on sale.

After taking a scolding for buying meat that was going to spoil if the power went out, I tried to justify it all by noting that I figured we could cook the meat on the grill out back.  Of course, I was then asked, “How are you going to cook outside in a driving rain and 50 mile an hour winds?”

Resisting the temptation to talk about the great deal I got on the cans of succotash I bought, I just shrugged it off and noted that I should have bought Pop Tarts.

Fortunately, we fared much better in Virginia than those up around New York.  Our power didn’t go out and my chicken legs didn’t spoil.

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